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Rental Scams - Please Beware

Web Admin - Monday, May 19, 2014

Craigslist and other rental advertising sites can be a wonderful marketing and shopping tool. Unfortunately, scammers are constantly searching for opportunities to make money online.  We highly recommend tenants take precautions to avoid frustration caused by these types of scams.  Here are some links to some articles about rental ad scams worth reviewing from to educate you on this issue:

  • BBB Warns Renters to Beware of Bogus Home Rentals 
    Better Business Bureau is warning renters to be on the lookout for scammers on Craigslist and other online classifieds when searching for a home. Phony ads for rental properties across the country are cropping up, and are specifically aimed at stealing money from unsuspecting renters.
  • Consumer Alert: Online Rental Ads Could be Phony 
    The rental housing scam works by criminals searching websites that list homes for sale. They take the information in those ads lock, and post it, with their own e-mail address, in an ad on Craigslist (without Craigslist's consent or knowledge) under the housing rentals category. To sweeten the pot, the houses are almost always listed with below-market rental rates. You arrive at the home on the agreed-upon date, but there's just one small problem the house is not actually for rent and its owners know nothing about your agreement.
  • Online Rental Scams Target Renters and Landlords 
    Within seconds of searching the Internet, potential home renters can find all the information they need about a possible new home, such as pictures, prices and virtual tours. However, such tools give scammers the perfect opportunity to take advantage of consumers. Better Business Bureau warns renters to be on the lookout for phony ads on Craigslist and other Internet services aimed at stealing money.
  • Spotting Signs of a Rental Scam 
    Consumers in search of an apartment or house to rent often rely on online rental listings in order to find the right place, especially if they're looking in another city or state. Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage. Some make up phony listings, and try to lure renters with the promise of extra- low rent. They ask potential renters to send money before they see the apartment or sign a lease.

Why Hire a Property Manager

Web Admin - Monday, December 02, 2013

So often people are tempted to save a little money by trying to complete a task on their own rather than hire a professional.  While some people spend a lot of time researching the best way to address the situation at hand, others move forward based on assumptions which often brings headaches and additional expenses .  

In the real estate and rental world, hiring a professional is a great choice to save both time and money.  Click here to view 10 reasons why you should hire a property manager.  We strongly agree with the reasons provided!  Let us know other reasons you think we should add to the list.