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Easy Landlording Step 1 (Series)

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STEP 1: BASIC STEPS & DOCUMENTATION PRIOR TO ADVERTISING A RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROPERTYThis is a basic checklist of important steps & documents for easy landlording to assemble PRIOR to advertising a residential rental property:OWNERSHIP - keep documents together showing who owns the property, who signs all documents and/or agreeme...

Helpful Yard Maintenance Tips

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Happy Spring!Here are helpful tips so you may enjoy your yard through the growing season, keep a healthy yard, meet the requirements of the lease and attempt to satisfy homeowner association regulations. The growing season typically ranges between March and November here in the Northwest. Each month has unique needs and adjustments will b...

Legislative Updates

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In an effort to help all of us connected via the housing industry stay informed, we are providing links to legislative issues in progress. Tenants, landlords, and property managers can work together to create healthy regulations which improve our industry. We are concerned that many of the aspects of the proposed bills may discourage curr...

What is the Art Form Called Property Management?

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Property management is an art form also known as a real estate service for landlords who own rental properties but are not interested in managing the day-to-day happenings associated with rental properties.Property management is a specialized field and requires skills, knowledge and patience to avoid many of the pitfalls one can encounter...

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