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We want to make your experience in finding your next home an enjoyable one! Not seeing the right home today? Please check back with us periodically as our website site is updated before any other websites.

Please view our RENTAL APPLICATION PROCESS AND RESIDENT SELECTION CRITERIA to learn more about our requirements. The application fee is $42.

For your convenience, here is a brief summary of our Rental Application Process and Resident Selection Criteria: All applicants must be 18 or over. Applicants with credit scores below 625 and/or other qualification issues may be subject to denial or conditional approval such as an increased security deposit and/or a risk mitigation fee. Applicants with credit scores below 550 will likely be denied, unless the reason for the low credit score is minimal credit history. Some common reasons for denial or conditional approval are: unqualified applicants, adverse credit history, adverse/insufficient tenant history, criminal offenses, falsification of an application, inability for landlord/screening office to verify history in a timely fashion, inaccurate/incomplete information, inadequate income, pet(s), and vehicle(s). All applicants desiring to reside together will be evaluated jointly.

Applicants are highly encouraged to disclose and discuss potential issues with management prior to application, but qualification cannot be guaranteed.

Minimum Move-in Requirements: One month's rent, the security deposit (including any approved pets), other property specific deposits/fees/charges and the admin fee of $75, all paid with secured funds (cashier's check or money order)